Optimize your logistics network

In a multi-site or even multi-level distribution network, there are many decisions to be made to optimize your end-to-end logistics network and reduce its costs. Indeed, for each reference, it is necessary to determine by which suppliers it is going to be supplied, on which DC/warehouse it is going to be stored (according to the catchment area, the type of product…) and by which channels it is going to be distributed, knowing that these decisions may change over time. In addition, you need to determine the optimal stock level at each point in the network based on a target service level.

While optimizing supplier, logistics and customer constraints, you must avoid stockouts and overstocking but also manage allocation rules according to various criteria (priority to the e-commerce channel, to products on leaflets…) in the event of a shortage.

Optimisez vos logistiques

How AZAP can help you to optimize your logistics network

“ The AZAP modules makes decision-making easier for managers and facilitates communications with our customers and suppliers “

Henri BRICAGEHead of Procurement, SNCF

Our expert software package for advanced Supply Chain planning allows you to continuously adapt to changes in your merchandise distribution network. It constantly optimizes flows, stocks and costs by taking into account all your constraints.

Manage multi-site inventories

AZAP helps you cope with the great complexity of parameters to manage, to pilot your stocks spread over several sites, via screens dedicated to your activity, alerts and a daily roadmap of priority actions to be carried out. For example, taking into account lead times and customer promise, it determines the catchment areas of each warehouse. Similarly, once the references are assigned by warehouse, AZAP calculates the optimal stock levels based on the target service level and safety stock.

Model all your logistics constraints

AZAP natively integrates many constraints into its stock and supply calculations: suppliers, storage, transport, lead times, costs, products, resources, customers… to optimize your flows.

Manage shortages and overstocks

In the event of a shortage, our solutions automatically manage the deployment of available quantities on the sites according to different allocation rules (priority to firm orders, meeting forecast quantities and then replenishing stocks…).

AZAP avoids overstocking as much as possible. On the other hand, if they result from upstream decisions, it alerts you in order to guide you in the actions to be carried out to sell them as well as possible.

Work out stock optimization scenarios

You simulate in AZAP multiple scenarios to view the impact of different alternatives for optimizing your operations on your stocks (quantities, costs, location…).

AZAP Modules for optimizing your logistics network

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Supply and Inventory Optimization
  • Production and Distribution Optimization
  • Reporting