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Agri-Food and Organic Supply Chain

supply chain agroalimentaireWhether we are talking about fresh or frozen products, groceries or even drinks, the Supply Chain of the Agri-food and Organic sector has to cope with very fluctuating demand and an often constrained or even shortage supply. Indeed, your sources of supply depend on the quality and abundance of harvests, market prices, and compliance with strict regulations. They are all risks for the provision of your finished products and their components. Likewise, your distribution channels are multiple (mass distribution, specialized distribution, out-of-home catering, e-commerce, etc.).

AZAP’s contribution to
Agri-Food and Organic Supply Chain

We have developed solutions for optimizing your company’s supply chain. They will allow you to increase your performance while reducing your costs and your environmental footprint.

We offer solutions that natively integrate your specific business constraints (multi-supplier sourcing, growth management, opening of points of sale, etc.). They will allow you to globally optimize your supply chain, reduce your disruptions and finally increase your service rate.

Forecast & seasonality

AZAP models demand by taking into account the trend, seasonality and also exceptional events (promotions, etc.). This therefore makes it possible to automatically calculate the forecast demand for your products. AZAP uses for this the available data such as your sales history or exits from your logistics platforms. By making your forecasts more reliable on the basis of this information, AZAP therefore helps you to optimize your supplies and adjust your stocks.

Taking into account DLC and DLUO / DMM

To calculate supply, stock and production needs, AZAP takes into account the DLC (Consumption Limit Dates). AZAP also takes into account the DLUO (Optimal Use Deadlines) / DMM (Minimum Duration Date). Finally, AZAP takes into account the “date contracts” in place with your customers.

Promotion planning

The Demand Planning calculation module fully integrates a list of events such as new product launches, promotions, or cannibalization. In order to go further, the promotional operations planning module (Promotion Planning) offers you advanced functionalities for managing the promotional plan. It ranges from planning to financial reporting. You thus follow the budget devoted to your promotions and in particular the PINs (New Promotional Instruments).

Optimization of the production process at finite capacity

For manufacturers and producers with production capacity, AZAP builds, on the basis of the forecast demand plan, a production plan with finite capacity (machine, human resources, labor, energy, component availability, etc.) . The Production Planning module supports the PIC, S&OP and PDP processes in the development and study of various scenarios and trade-offs (multisite stock policies, work regimes, etc.).

Support your growth

The strong growth linked to the current craze for organic requires an agile planning environment without volume constraints. For example, the demand forecasting and supply planning module will take into account your growth in terms of flows, suppliers, logistics platforms and finally store openings of your brand, without any limit as to the volumes to be to treat.

Anticipate supply difficulties

To make your supplies more reliable, you must diversify your suppliers. AZAP helps you by natively integrating multi-vendor sourcing into its procurement calculations and flow modeling, while allowing you to formalize and optimize your supplier contracts.

« AZAP Demand Forecasting and AZAP Production & Distribution Planning have played a major role in the evolution of the Supply Chain organization within Château Blanc and have therefore helped us improve our results. »

Nicolas BINET Responsable Supply Chain, Château Blanc

Château Blanc

Château Blanc, the industrial subsidiary of the Holder Group (Paul bakeries), has chosen our Demand Forecasting and Production & Distribution Planning solutions to cope with a sharp increase in its activity while anticipating ever-increasing demands. of its customers.


Biocoop is the leader in the distribution of organic products in France. It chose AZAP Demand Forecasting, AZAP Optimization of Supplies & Stocks and AZAP Reporting to support its strong growth on the French market.

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high customer service with + 20% turnover


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supply chain agrolimentaire
supply chain agroalimentaire