Why choose AZAP, expert in Supply Chain?

Choosing our solutions guarantees your logistics chain optimal management of its flows. Through its versatility, AZAP adapts to the business needs of companies, whatever their sector of activity. Our team of professionals supports you in all stages of your project. It also follows you in the evolution of your business.

expert supply chain

Maximize your turnover

Impeccable quality of service builds customer loyalty. Likewise, it increases your notoriety and facilitates the development of your sales. Our demand forecasting, supply planning, production and distribution solutions ensure you meet demand without disruption and above all maximize your revenue.

Improve your working capital and costs

AZAP optimizes your purchases, your means of production, storage, distribution / transport and the management of your resources (human resources, stocks of raw materials, finished products and packaging, in progress, etc.). All this allows you to reduce your working capital requirement and your costs at all levels of the supply chain.

Make your forecasts more reliable

AZAP helps to make your forecasts more reliable: correction of history graphically, intuitively or automatically, libraries of statistical algorithms, expert system, adaptation to the product life cycle, a collaborative portal with commerce, marketing and finance.

AZAP also integrates exogenous variables (weather forecast, panelist data, price elasticity). Our Data Scientists ensure continuous monitoring in order to integrate the latest research, particularly in AI, Machine Learning, etc.

Benefit from a tailored support 

For more than 20 years, we design, develop, integrate and ensure the technical maintenance of our solutions ourselves. Our teams of experienced consultants support you individually in all stages of the implementation of AZAP in your company. You are advised by business experts on the best solution to adopt. You also benefit from appropriate training as well as responsive and personalized support throughout your project. At the same time, we are at your side if you want to carry out other projects or learn more about our solutions.

Easily integrate AZAP into your information system

Our modules are easily interfaced with ERP systems on the market as well as with any management system. We offer license, full web and SaaS (“On Demand”) versions to adapt to your configuration.

Improve your service rate

Through more reliable demand forecasts, improve your overall satisfaction rate by limiting breakdowns but also overstocks. AZAP helps you calculate the right stock for each SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) based on a target service rate.

Adjust your stocks

Seeing the forecast demand and anticipating its fluctuations helps you to optimize your means (finite production capacity). It also helps you manage your inventory levels. As a result, you limit breakages, obsolescence and destruction, while improving your performance.

Save time

AZAP is designed to save time for the users of our solutions (forecasters, flow pilots, planners, suppliers, etc.). We have automated many processes. First of all, the choice of the forecasting method with our expert system. Then, the forecast and supply calculations. Finally, the corrections to sales histories. A roadmap lists the priorities to be addressed each day. Our collaborative portal facilitates the sharing of management information between the different functions of the company.

Collaborate more effectively

AZAP allows you to integrate relevant data into a single database. This therefore allows you to easily share information with other managers of key business functions via the web portal.