Supplier supplies

This module benefits from AZAP’s long experience in carrying out projects to optimize supplier supplies and platform stocks.

It has 2 main objectives:

  1. Improve the financial performance of the company by reducing the costs of purchasing, inventory and transportation. All while controlling the environmental impact of your supplier supplies.
  2. Reduce the workload of suppliers in order to increase the volumes processed. Improve the quality of procurement decisions accordingly. Finally, focus on high added value activities and customer service.

The module therefore makes it possible to optimize and plan the replenishment of your stocks in your network. All this depending on demand plans, your stock policy and other various factors such as environmental impact. You also define the target products whose sales performance you want to increase. Finally, the software supports you in improving service levels and the corresponding turnover.

The originality of this module lies in the important know-how contained in the software services offered and other business rules. This module also provides an original approach for the evaluation of stock policies but also an ability to go as far as the management and placing of orders automatically.

It consists of a full suite of provisioning software services. First, these services make the supplyer’s job easier and more efficient. It is thus possible to automatically generate a provisional supply and stock plan.

Then, graphical user interfaces of the dedicated roadmap type display specific alerts. They also offer you the possibility of placing orders with your suppliers automatically or according to automatic filtering and control on your part. In the trading sector, a software service specific to this business is now available to implement your exemption policies.


List of the main business software services available:

Selective inventory policy in accordance with the commercial strategy

Automatically calculates inventory policies by integrating the target service rate, product classification and supplier lead times in order to face forecast uncertainties and manage replenishment thresholds, quantities and frequencies. This software service also alerts you to dormant stocks, overstocks, DLC / DLUO …

Planning of storage capacities

Sizes your storage capacities as well as your reception capacities. In fact, you project your stocks in quantity and value using the medium-term supply plan which automatically exploits your sales history.

From unconstrained planning to constrained planning, the AZAP4.0 Warehouse Replenishment module helps align organizations with priorities derived from demand forecasts to improve service levels and increase sales.