Optimization of supplier costs

This module is a complement to the Warehouse Replenishment module. Indeed, it provides the latter with information related to your supplier contracts, for example the prices and supply conditions for each supplier link. Therefore, this module aims to optimize your purchasing costs and your supplier fees.

The main business software services available in this module therefore revolve around the following 3 families:

  1. Integration of tariff schedules
  2. Order valuation
  3. Optimization of supply conditions


In detail, optimize your supplier costs thanks to:

Optimization of supplies and supplier costs according to the constraints expressed

In order to automatically develop the optimal supply plan. This module therefore takes into account the constraints expressed. Essentially economical lots for the product or the family, free from the supplier, economic conditions, however, other constraints may be considered.

Optimization of total costs

In order to manage the price lists so as to buy from the best supplier but also at the best price. Always in compliance with negotiated multi-supplier contracts: speculation in the event of a purchase promotion, minimum purchase before price reduction, use of exemptions in progress …

Supplier contracts and commitments

To integrate deadlines, schedules, schedules, top supplier schedules and finally supplier delivery contracts and commitments.

Knowledge of suppliers

To calculate supplier performance indicators. Calculation made according to the follow-up of orders and their receipts: reliability, OTIF (On Time In Full), real deadlines …