Complete customer service from the initial integration project to Supply Chain support

We are at your side in all stages of our relationship: from configuration to change management, including support for the use of our platform.

The 3 levels of services provided by AZAP:

Our professional services department supports you throughout your relationship with AZAP. It allows you to benefit from 3 levels of services:

  1. Support Services: support and maintenance services. They allow you to benefit from the latest versions of the platform as well as a “hotline” type incident resolution service (minor, major, blocking).
  2. Application Services: application services. They start with the initial integration project and continue with the implementation of business developments throughout the contract (Delivery Management) as well as hours of support for any necessary help.
  3. Business Services: business services to help you get the most out of the AZAP platform. These services cover outsourcing services if necessary, for example to replace business personnel at short notice or to provide support for change (“Managed Services”).
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The 4 stages of the integration project:

For each Supply Chain support project, a team is therefore formed under the direction of a Project Director, accompanied by a steering committee. Depending on the size and criticality of the project, this committee may include a member of the AZAP Management Committee in order to ensure its success at the highest level.

This team supports you by following 4 main steps

  1. Framing
  2. Installation, prototyping, configuration and interfacing
  3. Training
  4. Support for CRM and stabilization, then support for change.

With our expertise, we also perform maturity audits of your processes to suggest improvements.

Our project management methodology

Phase 1. Scoping

  • Validate the scope of your project and also its objectives
  • Define the target process, modeling principles, interfaces and modalities
  • Installation techniques
  • Choose the prototype (if necessary)
  • Establish the implementation schedule
  • Determine the probable additional developments

Phase 2. Installation, prototyping, configuration and interfacing

  • Install the solution
  • Build your prototype and then validate it
  • Develop and receive interfaces
  • Integrate all of your data
  • Configure your modules

Phase 3. Training

  • Transfer operational skills
  • Train super-users on the software
  • Train technical teams in the automation of import operations and also in database maintenance

Phase 4. Support for getting started

  • Make users autonomous on the software
  • Integrate the process into the tool (new products / customers, exceptional operations, etc.).
  • Validate update and maintenance operations
  • Provide you with optimal customer support

« The success of this adventure is based on a strong expertise in project management at AZAP.
The teams listen to our needs and show agility during prototype deployment and production.

Store Supply Director , Stokomani

The Evaluation & Continuous Improvement of Processes offer

At AZAP, we are firmly convinced that satisfying and serving our customers as well as possible requires lasting support from our teams so that you can make the best use of the functional richness and power of our software. The goal is to continuously improve the performance of your Supply Chain. We have developed a unique consulting offer combining assessment and improvement of Supply Chain planning processes.

The User Club

Since 2010, as part of a formal monitoring of the needs of our client-users, we have organized an annual User Club.

This event allows our customers to discover our news, new functionalities, the technical development of the software suite and also our teams. It is also an opportunity, in a friendly setting, to interact with other users to listen, communicate and share experiences and expertise, whether you are beginners or seasoned.

We also offer spaces for discussion and communication throughout the year through various events (happy hour, participation in trade fairs, etc.) where we organize customer testimonial conferences or workshops.

support supply chain
support supply chain
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