Demand Planning

The objectives of this Demand Planning module are multiple. They help keep you focused on important and urgent matters. All thanks to the forecaster’s roadmap, its alert functions and its very advanced automation.

It consists of a full range of business software services. This makes the forecaster’s job easier and much more efficient.

With this demand planning module, you can:

  • firstly, structure and standardize your forecasting processes within a single solution. This for each of your sales channels and each of your subsidiaries
  • adapt forecasts as appropriate with promotions or particular events
  • automatically correct histories thanks to its integrated learning methods
  • connect your forecasts with data available outside your company
  • actively manage your product portfolio by setting up product launches, shutdowns, replacements, promotional events and campaigns, as well as promotional operations
  • finally, use the main Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as forecast reliability, bias or even visualize your financial landing to continuously review and improve your processes and improve performance even further

AZAP4.0 Demand Planning business software services analyze your sales history (customers and consumers). They also analyze your historical sales & marketing data in order to automatically forecast future demand, calibrate the margin of error and build a production and / or supply plan. Therefore you can meet the demand taking into account the available resources and all of your constraints.

Its originality lies in its ability to forecast demand and calculate the uncertainty of forecasts, including for new products or without history, thanks to its integrated AI modules.

In conclusion, the most notable benefits are the improved customer service rate and the significant reduction in unplanned supplies, ultimately generating significant cost reductions. This module is THE module which help you in your demand planning.