Improve your demand forecast

Use your demand histories and your sales, marketing and financial data to build your forecasts. Set up a collaborative multichannel and multi-subsidiary forecasting process. Integrate promotions, all events impacting the life of your products and also exogenous explanatory variables (weather forecast, calendars, panelist data, etc.). Finally, monitor your indicators and disseminate the information widely.

improve demand forecast

AZAP helps you forecast demand

AZAP Demand Planning offers you a full range of features to improve your forecasts. The solution manages internal events (product launches, promotions, cannibalization, etc.) and external to the company (calendar, promotion of a competitor, etc.). It is also capable of taking into account exogenous explanatory variables (weather-sensitivity, data from panelists, etc.). AZAP integrates an automated correction of sales histories, a library of forecasting methods, as well as a self-adapting expert system that chooses the best forecasting algorithms for each product, in order to save you time. In addition to statistical market methods, AZAP’s R&D has developed in-house methods, the fruit of its know-how, which are particularly effective for seasonal or erratic products.

Make your forecasting process more reliable and fluid

AZAP helps you manage multiple data sources consistently. It structures and standardizes your forecasting processes within a single solution. Its intuitive interface and the ergonomics of its screens facilitate the use of the various functions and simplify your daily task.

Multichannel and multi-subsidiary forecasts

Easily carry out centralized forecasts in a single tool for each of your sales channels and each of your subsidiaries. AZAP Demand Forecast incorporates local factors such as promotions or special events, in order to tailor forecasts on a case-by-case basis.

Collaborative process

Use AZAP’s Collaborative Forecasting module to integrate data from sales, marketing and finance departments as well as subsidiaries. AZAP also gives visibility and guides you in your validation or entry operations.

Taking into account events and promotions

Set up launches, stops, product replacements, animations and promotion campaigns as well as promotional operations. You can also monitor your promotional plans and their financial impact via our Promotional Operations Planning (POP) module.

Monitoring and continuous improvement

Use AZAP Reporting to monitor the main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as forecast reliability, bias or even visualize your financial landing. Finally, it allows you to continuously review and improve your processes to further improve performance.

AZAP modules to improve demand forecasting