Store supply management

Multiplication of references, events, distribution formats and short deadlines … points of sale are at the heart of the digital transformation of purchasing methods. In this context, store supply is crucial. Direct supplier or via a warehouse, to ensure optimal product availability at any point in the network, maximize your sales and minimize your costs with AZAP.

store supply

AZAP helps you manage your store supplies

AZAP helps you manage complexity. To do this, it automatically calculates the forecast demand. It also calculates stock policies and replenishment plans.
It takes into account stocks, work in progress and a large number of constraints (facings, assortments, deadlines, delivery rates, customer priorities, etc.).

Optimize your margins

By better adhering the supply plan and inventory policy to fluctuations in demand, accelerate your cycle to cash.

Take into account your store assortments

AZAP takes into account the assortment plan of each point of sale to optimize its calculation. For an initial establishment (opening of stores), a promotional operation or even a regular restocking.

Manage your distribution strategy

AZAP is working on restocking the network to avoid breakages and overstocks. In the event of a shortage, it allocates the available quantities according to various priority rules (distribution channel or format, customers, products, etc.). It can group the replenishments of several stores in the same area. Consequently, it makes it possible to optimize deliveries (multidrop), in particular in the case of the direct supplier. It simulates various distribution scenarios to help you find the best in each situation.

Optimize your multisite stocks

AZAP manages a multi-site and multi-level distribution network (central warehouses, depots, stores). It takes into account the allocation by site of the different types of references and their deployment methods (e.g. seasonal products received centrally and then deployed directly to stores according to their sales potential or regular restocking of back-end products since a regional depot). Based on delivery times and service levels, AZAP determines the catchment area and optimal stock levels for each point of the distribution network.

AZAP modules for managing store supplies