LIFE SCIENTIFIC manufactures crop protection products without patents. Based in Dublin, it is experiencing strong growth thanks to its international expansion. With AZAP, it has implemented a Production Planning solution to manage its dozen international subcontractors. Previously, Omar Chirou, LIFE SCIENTIFIC’s Subcontracting and Procurement Manager, had to work alone to draw up these production plans on Excel. The desire to increase the number of subcontractors in order to limit risks, coupled with the growth of the business, showed the limits of this management method.

A successful production planning project

LIFE SCIENTIFIC initially turned to SAP (Business One and Hana). But the costs involved proved disproportionately high. Christine Robertson, Supply Chain Director at LIFE SCIENTIFIC, had known the AZAP forecasting and planning software company for some time. So she decided to contact AZAP with her problem. AZAP quickly converted LIFE SCIENTIFIC’s requirements into a pilot based on the manufacturer’s data. This enabled users to easily project themselves into the future. AZAP’s connection to SAP was also successfully implemented, enabling automatic data updates. Following a schedule that took into account LIFE SCIENTIFIC’s busy period, AZAP configured the production planning solution and trained the teams for implementation in September 2022..

Multiple benefits

Thanks to AZAP, LIFE SCIENTIFIC benefits from a more efficient and reliable tool. In fact, 3 people can now use it, which limits risks and reduces errors. By automating calculations, planners can spend more time on analysis than on feeding data into the system, thus adding value. In addition to saving time, users also benefit from alerts on forecast shortfalls, which encourages proactivity. Finally, subcontractors have better visibility of requirements, thanks to 12-month production plans. The result is greater satisfaction for subcontractors and customers alike.

Forecasts after production planning

Delighted by the success of this first project, LIFE SCIENTIFIC has continued the deployment of AZAP, whose modularity it appreciates, with the Demand Forecasting section. In particular, the aim is to better manage the high seasonality of its products. In the future, LIFE SCIENTIFIC may be interested in AZAPlanet and AZAP Approvisionnement …