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A Supply Chain more agile, intelligent and sustainable

KPIs to calculate the environmental footprint of your Supply Chain

How did Vitafrais switch to D+1 deliveries with AZAP?

Make your Supply Chain more agile, intelligent and sustainable!

Are your stocks costing you too much? Is your customer service rate too low? Are your forecasts not reliable? Are your production plans realistic? If this rings a bell, you need AZAP!

AZAP help its customers improve their financial and environmental performance by using its software platform to drive and optimize their Supply Chain flows.
Perfectly model and optimize your logistics flow by using more than 20 years of Supply Chain experience accumulated in the form of AI, business rules and intuitive user interfaces, all integrated in a sound architecture.

AZAP4.0 addresses companies looking for implementing an agile and sustainable supply chain, flexible to configure, fully integrated and covering 100% of their end-to-end supply chain processes.

Benefits obtained by our clients

  • Increased Customer service rate, leading to a higher turnover
  • Saved costs with reduced inventory & waste
  • More reliable and accurate demand forecasts
  • Higher resilience to disruptions and events
  • Reduced Environmental impact
  • Automation of non-critical tasks
  • Reduced working capital
  • Quick and easy deployment of their best practices across their ecosystem

Our solutions

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Improve your forecasts

Increase the reliability of your forecasts by automating tasks and improving collaboration with sales, marketing, finance, etc.

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Drive & Optimize your Inventory replenishment

Place your orders respecting all your supplier constraints and optimize your purchases

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Drive & Optimize your store replenishment

Ensure the availability of products without overstocks or breaks.

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Set up an S&OP process

Ensure products availability while optimizing inventory and maximizing customer service rate.

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Plan your production

Easily build optimized, finite-capacity, achievable production plans.

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Optimize your logistics network

Adjust your sourcing, your flows, your capacities and your inventory levels at any point of your network.

Our Supply Chain software adapted to your sector

The functional richness of our software and the expertise of our teams guarantee optimal management of your supply chain.

Find out how AZAP helps you better meet the demands of your customers according to your sector:

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& Distribution

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What our clients say about us:


“In addition to the ongoing and rich collaboration that we have with AZAP business teams, there is the satisfaction for our forecasters and market managers of having access to a structuring, user-friendly and scalable tool.

Jean-Luc AUBEL
Head of Forecasting , Vétoquinol


“AZAP Demand Forecasting and AZAP Production & Distribution Planning have played a major role in the evolution of the Supply Chain organization within Château Blanc and have helped us improve our results.

Nicolas BINET
Supply Chain Manager , Château Blanc


“As soon as we implemented AZAP on store stock, we quickly achieved our internal targets in terms of inventory reduction thanks to a finer calculation taking into account lead times.”

Olivier DOUCY
Procurement Director , Nocibé

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