Control the management of your supplier supplies

Every day, the procurement team places orders with suppliers. The orders must respect the constraints, be optimized in terms of purchase price and avoid stockouts and overstocks. The constraints are varied: compliance with carriage paid and optimization of quantity scales, from batches to product, mixes, anticipation of storage and reception capacities, compliance with and monitoring of supplier commitments… and this in a context of fluctuating and seasonal demand.
You also have to monitor the suppliers’ effective lead times and follow up on them in case of delays to ensure proper order reception.

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How can AZAP help you to manage your supplier supplies?

AZAP facilitates the work of your teams, prepares an optimized supply plan. It lists the priority tasks and alerts in a roadmap: orders of the day, supplier delays, potential stockouts, stocks at risk …

AZAP adapts to the organization of your procurement department, whether your suppliers are specialized by supplier or draw from a shared pool of orders.

Take into account all your supply constraints

In order to draw up the supply plan, AZAP respects all the constraints expressed: economic batches to the product or family, free of charge delivery from the supplier, economic conditions of supply to the supplier.

It goes further and automatically chooses the best batches and scale ranges.

AZAP integrates deadlines, calendars, schedules, supplier top schedules, as well as supplier contracts and commitments.

Manage your flows and inventories

AZAP automatically exploits your sales history to classify your products, size your stocks and plan your supplies. It calculates inventory policies by integrating the target service level, product classification and supplier lead times to deal with forecast uncertainties. AZAP alerts you on dormant stocks, overstocks, ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates…

With the medium-term procurement plan, you can scale your storage and receiving capacities and project your stocks in terms of quantity and value.

Optimize your purchase prices

AZAP uses all the data from pricing scales to buy from the best supplier at the best price in compliance with the negotiated multi-supplier contracts: speculation in the event of a purchase promotion, minimum purchase before a price drop, use of current derogations…

Manage your suppliers

AZAP supports pickup, multipick and multidrop.

By monitoring orders and their reception, it sets up supplier indicators: reliability, OTIF (On Time In Full), actual lead times, etc…

AZAP Modules for managing supplier supplies

  • Supply and Inventory Optimization
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Pricing
  • Reporting

The Biocoop success story

Biocoop is the leading distributor of organic products in France. It has chosen AZAP Demand Forecasting, AZAP Supply & Inventory Optimization and AZAP Reporting to accompany the strong growth of organic products on the French market, as well as that of the stores in its network.


high customer service level with +20% of sales


of forecast accuracy


of stocks

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