SOLYSTIC improves its aftermarket service with AZAP

Founded in France in the 1950s, SOLYSTIC provides solutions for the identification, tracking, sorting and routing of items to major operators in the postal, e-commerce and distribution industries. Operating in 25 countries, it belongs to the American group NORTHROP GRUMMAN COMPANY and has annual sales of €100million. It provides technical support, supplies spare parts and maintains its machines.

In a context of a growing but demanding market in terms of deadlines and machine availability (penalties in case of stoppage), SOLYSTIC has launched a project to better meet the contractual deadlines for the supply of its spare parts (RP), while controlling its stocks. To better anticipate its needs, it decided to establish forecasts by customer, the aim also being to improve its service level and administrative productivity, as well as to offer new services to its customers.

The Spare Parts and Repairs Department (S2R) manages supplies in France from a central warehouse (M101), and in England for Royal Mail from the MSSF platform. On the side of IT, SAP managed the supplies for M101 and MSSF, while consumption forecasts were drawn up each month in Access. This system posed problems of reliability, cumbersome updating, risk of errors and maintenance over time.

After consulting the market, SOLYSTIC selected AZAP. Major preliminary work of classification of spare parts with adapted forecast and inventory management policies was carried out with AZAP in April 2015. Out of the 28,000 spare part references in the base, 800 sold more than 3 times the previous year underwent a forecast and safety stock calculation by AZAP, 5,200 being managed manually and 800 erratic references having a safety stock. This classification, initially global, had to be broken down by site.

The AZAP solution, operational in May 2016, has achieved the expected results in qualitative and quantitative terms, allowing SOLYSTIC to increase revenues through customer loyalty and by extending its export services…

  • Solutions and services provider for the mail and parcel industries
  • €100million in turnover, 80% of which from exports
  • 30 international operator customers
  • + 500 employees
  • 3 sites: Paris (head office), Valence (production), Kontich (maintenance)
  • 28,000 spare parts stocked on 2 sites
Project stakes and objectives
  • Respect contractual deadlines for providing spare parts while controlling inventories
  • Gain in administrative productivity
  • Develop/share the same forecasting database between the various internal stakeholders
Modules installed
  • AZAP Demand Forecasting
  • AZAP Reporting

“ AZAP helped us a lot in the article classification process. Now, we control our stocks through the monthly analysis given by AZAP in a context of strong growth. We have also significantly reduced our stockouts and are ready to extend our maintenance services to other customers by developing other local export storage sites “

Christian Zahm,
Head of SOLYSTIC’s Spare Parts and MRO Department.

Results obtained


  • Reorganization of the team
  • Clear sharing of responsibilities
  • More reliability in exchanges
  • Aid for scrapping stocks
  • Ease of having ABC curves in quantity and cost


  • Reduction of delivery times
  • Stock level control
  • Increased turnover thanks to better parts availability (customer loyalty)