Internship offer: Using learning to calculate sales forecasts

Who are we?

Founded in 2000, AZAP is the publisher and integrator of an advanced Supply Chain planning software solution (APS: Advanced Planning System). One of the French market leaders and located near the Champs Elysées in Paris, it operates in France and abroad.


Forecasting calculations are traditionally based on time-series analyses. We are studying more comprehensive approaches using supervised learning techniques and have already had encouraging results.

What we propose:

  • Get acquainted with the classical forecasting methods available in AZAP
  • Study and critically analyze current and past work that implements supervised learning
  • Analyze the results in detail: in which cases are the performances better or worse than with a classical approach?
  • Propose developments and implementations of these improvements, for example: parametrization of algorithms, data modeling, use of different libraries…
  • Apply the results to real cases

In addition to these global approaches, the focus will be on the seasonal component of sales: studying the relevance of the seasonality classes defined in AZAP:

  • Measure the homogeneity of the classes
  • Implications for forecast quality
And you?

Master’s student in AI (Artificial Intelligence) or IT Development:

  • You master the concepts of Machine Learning (ML), regression, predictive analysis, etc.
  • You are familiar with ML specialized tools and libraries and ideally the R language.
  • You like to analyze data
  • Can you code?

The internship will last 4 to 6 months, between February and October 2020, depending on your availability. It will take place at the headquarters of AZAP, 103 rue La Boétie, Paris 8th. You will be bound by a confidentiality agreement regarding the data to which you will have access.

Join us!
  • Join a high level team, which takes the time to train and coach you
  • A passionate team that also knows how to take time out for team building, around a table football for instance…
  • AZAP is expanding, possible permanent contract at the end of the internship
  • Allowances between €1,000 and €1,500 according to profile + restaurant tickets + 50% Navigo Pass

Send in your application by email :

Internship reference: Stage_AZAP2020_ML

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