STOKOMANI, a key player in the French destocking and discount market, has enlisted the expertise of AZAP, a software publisher specializing in the agile, intelligent & responsible Supply Chain, in order to support its development. Support which, since 2015, has continued to evolve in line with the needs of the brand and the challenges of the market.

In order to best respond to the growth of its distribution network, the development of digital commerce and the need to manage downstream flows from its platforms to its points of sale, STOKOMANI launched a consultation in July 2015 to select planning software advancement of the Supply Chain (APS). The brand has chosen the AZAP editor, whose range of features makes the user’s work easier and more efficient.

“We chose AZAP for several reasons. The quality of its references, first: we were able to find out how the support provided to other customers had gone. Next, people: we quickly established a relationship of partnership and trust with the teams,” explains Benoit Cruypelinck, Supply Manager at STOKOMANI. At the time, the choice fell on the AZAP planning and AZAP sales forecasting solutions. “During the entire project phase of the deployment, between 2015 and 2016, we benefited from the solid expertise of the AZAP teams, particularly on the framing part. The triptych of performance, costs and deadlines was very well respected,” he adds.

This first successful project launched the beginning of a real partnership between STOKOMANI and AZAP. “Our regular exchanges with project managers sometimes give rise to new projects,” comments Olivia Mortier, Project Manager and Head of Forecasts at STOKOMANI.

“AZAP has really supported the growth of STOKOMANI. The tools put in place have made it much easier for us to open stores, by duplicating the management of model stores. We were thus able, in a single week, at the logistics level, to transfer a third of the stocks planned for the establishment of the store. This allowed us to manage a peak, between 2018 and 2019, of 24 store openings following the takeover of brands, i.e. +118% of stores over this period”, notes Benoit Cruypelinck. In 2019, STOKOMANI managed 440,000 product/logistic variant pairs, the equivalent of 2.2 million order lines placed and €193 million of goods delivered to its stores.

  • 2015 – Manage the strong development of the store network
  • 2019 – Optimize permanent stocks
  • 2021 – Refine the inventory policy and integrate new e-commerce practices