The software publisher AZAP today announces its “iMPACT” development plan aimed at doubling its turnover by 2025 and maintaining an operating margin of 15%, while supporting increased R&D investments and a doubling of of its workforce. And it has a strong ambition: to become the privileged partner of Brands and Distributors concerned both with the quality of service delivered to their customers and with the environmental footprint generated by their Supply Chain.

To face a now unpredictable world and increasingly demanding consumers, AZAP is convinced that its customers will have to transform profoundly so that their Supply Chain becomes both flexible to integrate omnichannel, agile to manage the unforeseen and respectful of the environment to limit its impact. This is particularly true for the Agri-food, Organic, and specialized distribution players, due to the high volume of Supply Chain flows processed. To meet these new challenges, AZAP is changing its mission and its raison d’être. Its goal is to help its customers, Brands and Distributors, to optimize their economic and environmental performance through a new generation of Supply Chain flow management software and an innovative range of support services. “Our customers are facing increasingly difficult challenges, driven by increasingly demanding consumers. Our ambition is to provide the best solution for managing complex Supply Chain flows, which are at the same time intelligent, agile and respectful of the environment. This is the objective of our iMPACT plan, as a nod to the apple brand, which reflects our determination to implement it and our focus on the environment ”, declares Manuel Montalban, CEO of AZAP .

A new strategy based on 4 fundamental needs:
1. Develop digital commerce
2. Control & optimize the environmental footprint of its Supply Chain
3. Make better decisions, more quickly
4. Focus on its core business