Manuel Montalban succeeds Dominique BOURGOIN, founder of AZAP, who retains his place on the Board of Directors of the company

Manuel MONTALBAN holds a thesis in AI obtained at INRIA / University of Sophia Antipolis. He is one of the co-founders of ILOG, which was listed on NASDAQ and then sold to IBM, and has held various general management or divisional positions with software publishers ILOG, ATEMPO, VIRTUALOGIX and OPENTEXT. He is also an investor and administrator of the start-ups LEMON WAY, UBUDU and MINA STORM. Manuel MONTALBAN was most recently in charge of the Business Network activity at OPENTEXT for the Southern Europe region.

“I am very happy to join AZAP as CEO. AZAP is a French flagship of the software industry, specialist in responsible Supply Chain, which has a particularly innovative and high added value offer. Indeed, the AZAP teams are extremely sophisticated, with many PhDs in AI. I was also very drawn to AZAP’s ability to integrate environmental impact into optimizing its customers’ supply chain “ , indicates Manuel MONTALBAN.

Dominique BOURGOIN, for her part, remains on the Board of Directors of AZAP, which she founded, in order to ensure a gradual transition by supporting Manuel MONTALBAN in taking office and by managing the specifications of the new version of the software. editor, while supporting the team in certain key projects.

“We have had a tremendous journey with the creation and development of AZAP over the past 20 years. Given the strong growth of the company, we must ensure a phase of gradual transmission and maintain the quality of the relationship established with our customers. Manuel has extensive experience in the general management of software publishers for the Supply Chain and will know how to develop the company while preserving its strong values of quality of customer service, technical expertise and local support “ , assurates Dominique BOURGOIN.

About AZAP

Founded in 2000, AZAP is a publisher and integrator of responsible Supply Chain optimization software (APS, Advanced Planning System or SCP, Supply Chain Planning). As part of a collaborative vision with all players in the supply chain, AZAP benefits from the expertise and unique experience of flow specialists to best meet the strategic, tactical and operational needs of its customers. . AZAP is installed on more than 500 customer sites in France, Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia, and allows them to make their forecasts more reliable and to optimize their supplies in order to reduce their stocks, while improving their service rate.